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Low Tide

After the night train followed by a 5 hour bus ride in the morning we were ready to get some where and chill.Headed to Krabbi town and Railey beach...

We took the local truck bus to the "pier" and waited for our boat taxi to deliver us to the small beach we had found in our Lonely Planet Book. I fell asleep for some time on the board walk when I awoke to Shauna "Come on Nick let's go their leaving!" I was a bit knackered from the transport from Bangkok.

So I loaded our bags in to the long tail boat and pulled Shauna in for our quick trip to what we believed to be "Railay" beach.

When we pulled up to the shore the tide was out and there was about 10 feet of the stickiest mud I have ever had the pleasure of getting my foot stuck in. It was great when my flip flop stuck and I had to bend over with my huge pack(Overloaded with junk bought in Bangkok of course) I luckily did not fall over and get stuck in the muck.

When we arrived at the Bungalows, that did not look like they werent gonna fall over, we were flabergasted at how much they wanted for a room, especially in the off season when all of them were empty. They said 500 baht ($12.50) but we talked em down to 400 baht. Good one Shauna. Our Bungalow was very nice, fridge, TV, A/C, Balcony, and a cold shower... Yipee! It was set back in the jungle with huge mountains and trails all around it. It was probably one of the nicest places that we have stayed on this trip. And it included towels!!!! And not just ratty old towels that wouldnt even cover your bum, but big nice fluffy towels. Fluffy Towels!!!! Its the little things that get you excited after 5 months of traveling.

The weather was not very nice so we could not lay on the beach like we had originally planned. Instead we decided to go Hiking through the jungle to the other beaches.

We stumbled on a great cave in the trail and paid the 50 cent admission fee to go see it. It was called the Diamond Cave and it was really cool.

After a very hard climb Up and Down we arrived on "Railay Beach" to our surprise since we had been led to believe by our boat drivers we were staying on Railay. In fact we had ended up on "Ton Sai" it was actually kind of nice because Ton Sai was really chill and mellow while Railay seamed a bit more party oriented.

We tried to walk around the mountain on the shore of the beach to save our selves from climbing through the jungle. But after an hour Shauna started panicking about the tide coming in and the sun going down. So we sucked it up and turned around for he long trek back the way we had come. Whew that was sweaty day, a cold shower never sounded so good, luckily our room came equipped with those! And with Fluffy Towels....

Our few days consited of laying around reading, playing cards, or small walks in the jungle to gander at the monkeys playing in the trees. It was nice but we wanted some sun.

So we packed our bags and headed back to the beach for a boat into town at 7:00am the time that I was told the night before. After 2 hours waiting the boat had enough passengers to make the trip profitable for the captain so we shoved off back to Krabi town and headed to Hat Yai. Hopefully also to some sunshine.

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