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Just doing something at the fun park

Selina and some friends

Boots r Us

I was comparing big mouths

This is at the entrance to the fun park, made from chinese...

Elephants made from plates and spoons.

Hydrophoil to take you from Saigon to Vung Tau

Back beach at Vung Tau

Well its Thursday already, Selina and I are having a R&R day, Pete and our new Irish friend Robert have caught the Hydrofoil over to Vung Tau. Pete has been remembering the Red Gum song about Vung Tau, so taken the camera to get a pic of him having a beer in the pub that the Aussies during the war drank at.

Well the day was eventful for Pete, first the Victory Hotel has been rebuilt since the war, and the only part of it open was the toilets, so he had to settle for that being his only shot in the Victory Pub. When it was time to get back on the boat for Saigon, they were told the boat won't be running due to high winds. Now what? it was 4.30pm and there were no more boats. Eventually Pete and Rob hired a motto driver to take them to catch the Saigon bound bus, so at high speeds in the rain they went for about 30kms until they caught up with the bus. They departed in the opposite side of Saigon to where we were staying, which meant more time trying to explain to a taxi driver where they wanted to go. They finally arrived back at 7.50pm, hungry and tired.

We were all going to go to Vung Tau yesterday, but missed the boat so we went to a theme park called Dam Sen, it was brilliant. The first thing we did was go on a Simulator that had the theme the Year 2000 Millenium Bug, it was great. Next we went to a 3D movie, that was so good and so real, the Asians can sure do great animation, it had us screaming as the octopus reached its tentacles out at us, and the monkeys threw apples at us. Walked absolute miles, before it started to rain, we went on a funny little boat that took us through water before a massive splash at the end. By the time we had lunch it really rained heaps, but trusty Mr Peter had our rain coats stashed in his bag ready for us to wear. It was a very weird feeling for a while being the only Westerners in the entire park, lots of kids stared at us as we walked around being true tourists taking crazy pics of ourselves. Even managed to get some "Thats Gold Pics". We were stuffed by the time we left there, so had a quick dinner at Lams crazy, far, far away restaurant, and began drinking Vodka and Orange for me, Bacardi and Orange for Selina and Tiger beers for Pete, by the time we left there we had our wobbly shoes on, so thankfully it was a short walk to our guest house. We are on the third floor, so trudging up the steps is hard at the best of times.... Another great day. Selina and I are off to do some shopping for small stuff, as we just tried to sort what we had bought already and are wondering how on earth we are going to fit everything in, but we are lucky we have Mr Peter, the great organized one to help us.

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