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View of Broad Pass Summit & Summit Lake

Grizzly Bear sign above our camper - Cardinal

Cabins over our camper on Mt.

When we made our reservations at this campground, we thought this park had wireless internet. Since we were not well informed, we will be without our computer and television (no cable either) for the six days we are here. As we entered the driveway of this place, we were deeply disappointed. But when we took a ride into Denali National Park, we discovered that unless you do not want any hookups, this is the type of a campground you get in this area. Most of the areas here cater to those who are on a land tour from the cruise lines so the cabins are the main priority. Chet and I found out that the cabins here are beautiful on the outside.

Without doing laundry for almost two weeks, I was looking forward in doing my laundry here. To my dismay, the laundry room is closed right now, so I will have to resort in going across the highway and down another big hill to use their two small washers and dryers. My project for Friday is the laundry.

After we got all settled in, we searched out Denali National Park. Since we had been in Skagway, we had decided that we would take the jeep tour into the park. But, we found out, that they do not actually go into the park so we decided to take an eleven hour tour on a bus on Saturday. Lately, we have not seen much wildlife so we hope to see more on this tour.

Since Fairbanks is only 127 miles away, we might travel there during our stay here so we can check out the campgrounds there, and we need to pick up Chet's medicine at a motel that was gracious enough to let us have it mailed there. Of course, it is Dr. Philip Baer's brother and family who own the motel.

There is an internet coffee shop about seven miles away so we will probably check email there and update our web page there likewise. But we are glad we had made reservations for six days here. When I read up on Fairbanks, they have a big celebration on the fourth of July and last year had 8,000 people in attendance. Fairbanks is our next place to stop. Plus, we saw six or more rigs pull up to the office and then turn around and leave. The ones that did stay did so without hookups.

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