North to Alaska, 2006 travel blog

July 5, 2006 7:50 a.m. 37268

Headed to Denali National Park, sun is out here in Fairbanks, I hope it is in Denali.

As we pass the turn off for Ester, there is a construction sign, oh, no more gravel, Instead it is a nice new road, freshly blacktopped, smooth, and wide with a passing lane. In fact according to the GPS the old road is off to our right somewhere.

We have just passed through Nenana and on the west side is evidence of a large forest fire. There was a large forest fire in this area the first part of June this year and it looks like this might be the remnants of it. Many residents and homeowners were really lucky as the fire scars come right up to buildings and equipment.

10:45 Denali

We are ahead of Dave and Rhonda by about 6 hours; they are waiting for their daughter to catch a plane this afternoon.

We find the campsite and get the rig set up. Our campsite is on a bluff overlooking he Nenana River. We can watch the rafters as they float by below us. The railroad tracks are on the opposite bluff and as the train passes the engineer waves, we wave back.

We find that our water hose is too short to reach and decide to see if there is anyplace in the area that might have one. We head into Denali National Park; first stop is the Wilderness Access Center. We pick up our tickets for the shuttle bus tomorrow; need to be here at 5:45 a.m.

We then drive out to the Visitor's Center, watch the movie, get my passport book stamped, see the exhibits and head for the book store.

We can't find a hose, so will wait under Dave and Rhonda get in and borrow theirs t fill the tank.

More rafters and another train goes by.

I cook the roast and brownies, we will have dinner as soon as Cotton's get in and then have sandwiches for tomorrow on our tour.

Bed early as we have to get up at 4:15 to catch our tour bus.

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