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Selina at the Imperial Palace in Saigon

Topiary, which is a favourite around Vietnam

Thats Gold at the conference room in the palace


The President of Sth Vietnam loved to kill things and display them,...

The telex machines in the under ground war rooms

Selina at the War Museum

GI Jane dreaming of driving one of these

We took ourselves off to the Imperial Palace, which looks the same as it did 5 years ago, a bit tired and in need of a clean up and re-furbish. The history is interesting, the gardens are superb and the tour leaders do a great job.

We then walked to the War Museum which 5 years ago was called "The attrocities of the American War Museum". It has changed a lot, the tin sheds that once held the photographic display have been replaced with nice brick buildings. It hasn't finished being renovated, and by the time we got there, we only had 30 minutes before its lunch time closure.

We caught a taxi to the "Russian Markets", which were in a different building and not what I remembered them to be, a place where they sold everything you could imagine and especially nice souvenirs. We bought nothing and wandered over some heavy traffic roads to the reliable Bien Then Markets, where we spent hours fending off over enthusiastic sellers, who were shouting, "madame, we have your size"

Time for a coffee and a relax.

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