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Our first view on day 1

The clouds are coming fast

A wolf strolls down the Riverbed

Wolf under the bush (kinda hard to see)

First view - 2nd day

Such an awesome sight!

Mooses in the bushes

A big cariboo

Saturday morning and its time to explore Denali. We had reserved the early shuttle bus, so we had to be ready to go by 0600. The trip all the way to the end of the park road at Wonder Lake (about 80 miles), would take about six hours. We decided on the shuttle bus as opposed to the tour bus, because if you want, you can get off your bus at any time along the way to hike a trail or maybe just stay in one area for a while, then catch another bus to continue your trip. Also, it is less expensive than the tour bus. We also found out that we could use the same ticket to ride the bus on another day. Quite a deal!

The skies were clear and blue when we left and our anticipation was growing. Our first views of the mountain were awesome. There it was, in all its magnificence! It was pure white, with blue skies all around. There were a few wisps of clouds and as we soon learned, they would completely engulf the mountain by the time we made it to our turn-around point. But not before we got a good look and a chance to take some great photos. We were satisfied!

Now, let's talk about wildlife. After all this is a wildlife preserve, right? We saw quite a few grizzly bears, but they were all pretty far away so we couldn't get any decent pictures. We did get some fairly good shots of moose and caribou. We also saw some wolves, but again, from quite a distance. We took a few pics, so hopefully they will turn out alright. Dall sheep usually stay up high on the mountain sides, so again, no pictures. However we did see several.

The weather for our Denali experience was indeed beautiful, and as our bus drivers said, we probably couldn't have ordered it any better. They said that not everybody gets to see the mountain the way we did. This is certainly a beautiful area and everyone should try to see it at least once in their lifetime.

We will be checking out of here in the morning and continuing our journey. What comes next? Well, who knows, but it is going to take something to beat this place. Come on along and see.........

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