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In Kanchanaburi Cemetery

Bridge over the River Kwai

Looking towards last remaining wooden bridge

River Kwai Village

Up very early today as we had to meet the bus at 6.15am for a pick up to travel to the Bridge over the River Kwai. The city is already very busy at this time of the morning with many people out and about on the streets. Our first stop was the Death Railway Museum and this took about a two and a half hours of travelling time to reach. The museum depicts the way life was for the POWs who worked on the railway, how they suffered through lack of food, disease and brutality, etc., and why and how the bridge was built. The railway was sold by the Allies to Thailand after the war but not before removing a section leading into Burma as the section was too dangerous for travel - so the railway now ends before the Burma border.

Just over the road from the museum is the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery which holds almost 7,000 graves the biggest in southeast Asia. This is a very moving place, beautifully maintained and well presented. We had some time to wander through here and the youngest Australian grave we found was that of an eighteen year old.

From here we travelled by bus to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai which is actually a steel constructed bridge which was bombed by the Allies during the war and since repaired. We could walk across this bridge which isn't really very long. From here we then travelled again by bus for another 20 minutes to the Death Railway pickup point for a train ride of over an hour on the world famous railway finishing at Namtok station. At one point we travelled over the last remaining wooden bridge section of the railway - during the war there were 395 wooden bridges along the railway.

After this we stopped for a delicious Thai lunch at the River Kwai Village and then travelled down the river on a long-tailed speed boat through beautiful lush jungle.

Our trip back to the hotel by bus then took another three and half hours, so we were feeling rather tired on our arrival.

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