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Canal splitting Sturgeon Bay and the Peninsula

Ship building apparatus

Draw Bridge UP!

Sailboat that came through

Drawbridge Down - oops. it didn't meet right, or did it?

The Flying Pig

I can take care of this flower!

Their mascot that needs to learn how to fly yet

Some lawn ornaments

How woud you like a concert in your back yard?

Turtle made of good skipping rocks

Believe! and pigs will fly

This is the last day in Wisconsin and most of it was lazy. Early in the morning, we looked for the cheese factory on Route S north of Algoma (which is north of Kewaunee) so we could watch them make the cheese and cut the curds (huh?). Well, county roads in Wisconsin are lettered roads, not numbers. They don't let you know which direction you are going in and with only farms and corn fields around on a cloudy day, I got mixed up with my sense of direction. S was supposed to run north and south. I met up with S in Algoma and it had a sign to turn either left or right to get on it, from North 42. I had taken the right turn on another day to get to the beach and water, so turned left. Sure enough, route S to the left went west, not north. I ended up looking at Green Bay south of Brussels. I had to call the store and the lady didn't understand how I got lost. They have a second store on Route 57 (state roads have numbers) north of Brussels, so we went there. That's just a store, not a factory. We tasted some cheeses, then went to breakfast. By this time it was after 9 AM and we were both hungry and irritable. Later I found out that route S runs west or north from Algoma and the S I went on to the beach was just a little curly-q around that elbow turn. geez - we nickname this state Wierdsconsin for both the way the roads are labeled and run, and the way that other things just don't make sense - where's all the cheese factories, how about real ice cream stands instead of Dairy Queen, and if the peninsula grows cherries and apples, where are those orchards??

Later, I was able to use the park's wi-fi connection to get caught up on journal entries, then we rode up to Sturgeon Bay to pick up Mom's pictures at Walgreen. We went only on Route 42 and dared not venture off on another road - enough of getting lost on a little peninsula (relatively speaking, of course). We got lost another day on routes like C, X, ZZ, and PP - no rhyme or reason for the letters that start all over again in the next county!

There is a canal through Sturgeon Bay, so I think it makes the top part of hte peninsula an island, but I guess Wisconsinites(??) don't see it that way. Anyway, there is a drawbridg in the heart of town over the business route that raises every hour on the hour for sailboats and ships to pass through. On the west side of town there is a park and a ship building plant. On the east side of town, there is a plaza with benches and marinas. While strolling the plaza, it was coming up on the hour so we waited to watch the drawbridge go up and three sailboats come across. We also saw dredging action with buckets of dirt being raised from the bottom on the east side of the bridge. It seemed that the bridge didn't meet up right on its way down, but maybe it was as it was supposed to be.

On the way back, we stopped at a store called The Flying Pig. It sells artwork and lawn ornaments and plants and trees. Since the store was going to close in another 5 minutes, we had time only to look at their outside wares. How neat, and different were the bush designs and lawn ornaments - check out the pictures!

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