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Halong Bay

Watching the sunset over Halong Bay

We took a 2 day boat trip out to the bay and it was nothing less than breath taking. Again we were so lucky with the weather and although it was hazy we had no rain and the sea was calm. There are over 1500 limestone karst formations in the bay and in a concentrated area which is both dramatic and mystical. We sailed all day and stopped only to visit an enormous cave discovered by the French in 1904 and to have a swim before dinner. It was overwhelming to be swimming in the cool water whilst watching the brilliant red sun set behind the infamous peaks surrounding us, although we did see a poo float by!!

The boat nestled between a cluster of islands for the evening and we ate a great dinner and drank beer with another grand group of people. It was funny to swap stories of travelling and to learn that others play games like we do... for e.g when filling in accommodation cards making up silly occupations such as being a butcher or a dancer. We often make up names too. Jose, Peter, even Cyrilitis! We know it's silly but it makes us laugh.

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