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Class A ready to get painted

Class C getting finishing touches

Fine sanding job

I left Cook Forest by 8:30 AM and got to Elysburg just after noon. Here is where they assemble Fleetwood gas-powered motorhomes. They don't advertise that they give tours and it was challenging to figure out how to get to the entrance of the plant. I parked in the employee lot and started walking up the hill to figure out where their new office was. I stopped a man in a golf cart to ask him where I should go. I had to drive up the hill, past the signs on roadside fences saying "private property", and then park in front of motorhomes in the parking lot, blocking their way out.

An employee gave the tour, as opposed to a volunteer retiree at the Airstream plant. He knew a lot about how they're made, though. He couldn't answer the question about what determines the "class" of RV - Flairs are entry-level, while Pacemakers are high level for the gas machines. We think it's things like amount of insulation, along with what he said about the type of wood and interior decorations. I think I still don't know enough about how RVs are made to ask the right questions. I will take advantage of seeing other plant tours when the opportunities arise. The company does give employees incentives and rewards for doing good work and that helps production, quality, and efficiency of the plant.

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