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We got picked up after lunch (at Sugar Cane Guest House where we are staying) and were driven avout 40 kilometres to the Tiger Temple. We walked a canyon where there was a great lomg que to see about eight varying sized tigers. We went one at a time to have photos taken with you patting the tiger. we were able to pat five.It was quite un nerving being that close to the man eating beast. This was a bit of a tourist trap, but it is not every day you get to see a tiger up close and personal!

After we had had our photos taken we walked around the rest of the compound where there were various other animals being cared for by the monks. The tigers had all been orphans that the monks had saved, usually after their mothers had been shot by poachers.

The next day we got up early to book into Sam's Guest house, as mum had taken a dislike to the part of partying Norwegians who kept her awake. We then joined a tour to be taken the famouse Bridge over the River Kwai that was bombed by the Americans during World War 11. Allied prisioners of war and Asian labours worked on the bridge and railway constuction for about 18 months with about 200, 000 lives lost during that time.

We then went on elephant rides in a track in nearby jungle.It was quite enjoyable but also uncomfortable when sitting on the elephants head! They went into a river to cool off and have a drink, we were still on them.

We proceeded to Erewan Falls, where there are 7 tiers of waterfalls with swimming wholes at each levl. We were ther for about 3 hours and it would have been easy to stay longer and relax in the water except for the fish nibbling at your feet. These are the little blighters that Weary Dunlop used to stop gangrene developing with the prisioners of war. The fish would eat away the rotting flesh and leave the would clean. Fortunately the don't pierce the skin by themselves, but many squeals were given as it is a creepy feeling.

We caught the train to go on part of the Death Railway. Not much of it is origonal now. Unfortunately this ride was spoiled when we lost the digital camera. So all the photos since we left have gone!! Only two hours away from upload.

We are now back in Bangkok and head to the big stores tomorrow to buy a replacement. We hadn't found an army tank to pose with but did manage a hummer with a machine gun mounted on top. Maybe we will see more around tomorrow. Unfortunately we won't be able to pat tigers again so you have to take our word for it!!

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