FOR THE LOVE OF TEACHING: Thailand 2007 travel blog

Welcome to paradise! Drink?

Beach lanterns!

Dinner at a beach front (cushion) restaurant!

Our beach!

Fire show!

Ferry to Ban Phe (Rayong) ...

No more Pad Thai!

Our little bungalow...

Hi everyone!!!!

We are now on the island of Ko Samet and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Getting here was a "treat" though...

We started with a Taxi to the central bus depot, then a "VIP" bus to Rayong....

It was about 3 1/2 hours, but VERY nice. Then, we were literally mauled when we got off the bus! Jess and I have got the "No thank you" with our head down, down to a tee!

So we found the "local" bus finally to take us to Ban phe...(Language issues!)

It was actually a pick up truck with two wood bench slabs! That was "actually" fun...

Arriving in Ban Phe, we were pulled off a stop early by a lady wanting us to use her service to get to the island.

So, we went with it...

It included the national park fee, a speed boat to the island and a ferry back from the island at 400 Baht. This was better than his initial offer of 500 Baht.

(We are targets!)

So... To get to the speed boat, we had to hop in a motorbike with a double side car!

It was SO hilarious! But more scary! Our bags were so heavy and the road was muddy and bumpy with puddles! EEKK!!

But we got to the dock, hopped down onto the speed boat and FLEW to the island.

It was a quick ride... but in that time we could see we were nearing paradise.

On arrival, it was confirmed.

Beautiful silky sand beaches, bright blue waters... beach huts, beach restaurants on the sandy beaches... some including low tables and comfy cushion seats on the sand... beach massages...warm warm sun!

We are now staying at Jep's.

We have a small fan Bungalow with as a private bathroom, a short walk up from the beach (The night before it was a shared bathroom that looked like it was a mosquito hatchery so we had to be creative ;).

At night, it is almost more beautiful if that is possible! There are glowing lanterns all over the beaches, lanterns shaped like stars strung through the trees, James Blunt and Norah Jones playing softly in the background... and if you are up for a few drinks there are reggae clubs and beach bars strung all over the beaches. We have yet to venture into that scene. We are just relaxing and trying to adjust to the culture shock (aka, mosquitos and geckos)

Last night at dinner (I had Pad Thai and a Singha Thai beer) we also spoke with a regular who says that on the opposite side of the island, you can catch some beautiful sunsets over the cliffs and there are Bays after Bays and secluded beaches to explore!

Jess and I have decided to spend a couple more nights here... Then, we think we will head back to Bangkok and then over to Cambodia before heading south!

I will report back when I get another chance. Internet is expensive here and there are no phones... we are lucky to have a place with 24 hour electricity!

It looks like pictures wont be up for some time, but I will paint you "visual" pictures as best I can!

Love you all and miss you all!



We ended up staying 4 nights in Ko Samet... We met lots of GREAT people that we plan to meet up with later. We spent lots of time laying on the beaches and munching away at all the great thai food. We wont eat Pad Thai for a LONG time.... We started getting out a little more. We met up with two sweethearts from San Fran (Jen & Olivia) and danced the night away to a live thai cover band! (They serve drinks in BUCKETS - so that was "different"...and fun! Just a bucket with some straws. Thai whiskey seemed to be the mix of choice with red bull....ick) On the way home, it was MONSOON rain! Our bed in the bungalow remained damp and sandy from that night on. Boooo! We also relaxed at this Bob Marley Reggae club on these mats on the beach and caught a few fire shows on the beach that were pretty cool! We walked around the siland and were pleased to see that are favorite beach was the one where we were staying.... We also passed a coconut in the water like a ball :) I hit Jessica when I tried a cocky over the back shot. Sorry Jess :( Her hand is still bruised! On our last day.... we took an OLD "boat" / "Ferry" to the mainland. Getting to it involved climbing through other boats parallel to it with our packs on. Falling would involve sinking like a rock. It was pretty funny. But hey! It floated, that's all we needed! (Last report: I am LESS afraid of geckos. I now know they eat mosquitos... I said less though, dont want to get ahead of myself!)


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