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Visitor Center - built by CCC

Cabin available for rent - roadside view

Cabin - looks out over the valley

View from cabin

View of Callaway's beach that I saw from the ground yesterday

FDR Memorial Bridge, built from 1934 - 1938 by CCC at FDR's...

Pine Mountain Scenic Parkway, built at FDR's request

FDR's fireplace at Dowdell's Knob, where he had picnics

View from Dowdell's Knob

Liberty Bell Pool built by CCC - bottom is stone like the...

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Valley view from Dowdell's Knob - FDR might have seen it like...

This is the largest state park in Georgia and has been greatly influenced by FDR himself. It is my impression that FDR urged the CCC to build a parkway on top of Pine Mountain because he liked the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway so much. They were all built in the same decade, if I remember right.

It is a very pretty park and I was impressed that they had cottages for rent near the visitor center that were built by the CCC. There is a campground and I drove into that to check it out. There are a few sites that could accommodate a rig as big as mine. There are also cottages in the same vale as the campground, but I didn't check them out. There is a small lake by the campground to swim in and a trail around the lake and one to the Liberty Bell swimming pool that is in a picnic area built by the CCC.

I hiked for a few hours on a loop trail off the Dowdell Knob, which is where FDR liked to go to rest and contemplate the fate of the US and the world during the war. There were no great views, strange rocks, or waterfalls on this 4.3 mile trail, but it wasn't real steep. I passed by a backwoods campground where I could see a couple of old fire rings - that's all there was to see. The hike tired me out, though, and once I stopped and drove to the next place, my legs were weak! The temperature got up to 70 degrees today!

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