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I'm wedged in amongst lots of campers

I'm staying at Sugar Mill Plantation RV Park in Ochlocknee, about 7 miles north of Thomasville, which can probably be found on your maps. I am going to round out my Georgia trip by visiting a plantation, an unusual mansion, and probably a museum in Thomasville. But I can't miss the Old South Day celebration in Ochlocknee (Ock-lock-nee) that occurs the second Saturday in November every year!

This campground doesn't accept reservations and when I came in, I was told to choose between 4 sites that were still available! Good thing one of them was long enough for me without being in the mud! There are a few ponds here and it is muddy in the few sites near it. I have no idea if this land used to be part of a sugar plantation!

I passed by cotton fields today, where the cotton was ready for picking. So there were cotton bolls along the road. (I want to walk into a field of cotton and feel what it's like to pick it!) There were also alot of pecan groves - I didn't see peach trees, though! There are lots of signs saying there are boiled peanuts for sale, but I don't know what peanut plants look like, so I can't tell you about them. On this leg of the journey, I started to see those sprawling Live Oak trees but they didn't have the moss hanging from them. I also saw a section with the cypress trees that grow in Florida in water, so it must have been a marsh or swamp I saw!

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