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that's called a fireman's cap on the top floor!

Strange shape but windows & doors seem of same height - corners...

Rear view - left shorter than right side; greenhouse transformed into garage...

Formal dining room; balcony & staircase over fireplace on the left

left side of dining room - direct exit to get out in...

wedding cake ornamentation on ceiling over gas chandelier

Best shot I could get of sink in dining room to show...

stairway to third floor balcony; one of 3 stained glass windows

Billiard room on third floor - gallery for guests to watch the...

View from gallery - pool table brought in through windows using a...

Lapham's stove was twice as big but water heater is original

pnatry - canned goods are 30 years old!

Big Oak Tree down the street - born about 1680; 162' across

Big Oak from other side - walked through it on sidewalk

A typical house on this street besides mansions

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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From sitting room on left while film is going on

(MP4 - 5.32 MB)

Formal sitting and music room

(MP4 - 3.43 MB)

Guest bedrooms upstairs

(MP4 - 2.36 MB)

Servant's kitchen

Down the street from the museum is the strangest Victorian house ever built. Mr. Lapham was stuck in a house in Chicago that was on fire during the Great Fire when he was 19. At 34, he had this "cottage" built here to his specifications. There are many fire extinguishers, doors for escape, and windows one could open up high enough to walk out. Since this mild climate was touted to be healthful, Mr. Lapham went to the extreme to make sure his house was also a healthy place to live. He had lung problems ever since the fire and wanted lots of fresh pine air to help him breathe. But more than that, he made sure there was nothing built into the house to conform to man's standards. He used nature's standards as a guide. Nature has no right angles and is not flat or symmetric, so his house has no right angles, different-sized windows and doors in every room, and the floor is not level on purpose! If there was a fire, you leave by the tallest window or door - the smaller doors lead to closets or another inside room!

He had his own gas lighting system built into the house, inside hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, and modern closets. Old houses didn't have closets because the government counted them as rooms back then and you were taxed based on the number of rooms you had. That is why armoirs were abundant in the old days! I liked the hangars they used, because they fold up small for travel!

The inside of the house was paneled with hardood that got darker with age and I wasn't allowed to use flash, so videos came out better. You get some of the commentary with the videos, too, so that is also beneficial. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh - here is where I saw my first mustache tea cup! I didn't even know there was such a thing before! The cup has a hole for the tea to go into your mouth, but it has a half cover so that one's mustache doesn't get wet! wow!

Down the street from this mansion is the biggest Live Oak tree known to be. It is wider than Niagara Falls is deep and older than the US! I noticed how they support some of the limbs and trim it so that people can walk through it on the sidewalk. It's owned by the city, not the property owner whose house is in the picture.

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