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Visitors' Center is in the stable building

The back of the main house on the plantation

Left side in the back - there are 18 bedrooms and 19...

The front view - like what we think of, eh?

Bush Gardens and maze

Tunnel of Ivy

Swimming Pool built before they were commonplace

Tennis Court

Cemetary for past generations of the plantation

Waldorf building where workers lived and worked

2 rooom schoolhouse - play on left; work on right

Nurse's office

Dog hospital

Carriage house

Horse stall

Horses at drink and feed station


Cow stalls!

Hunting carriage - dogs carried in white cage at back

Noah's ark

This tour took all afternoon. There are 3000 acres to the plantation, but only 80 are open to the public. 80 acres is alot of land! The main house is 300 feet long! I don't know all the history to the place but I remember that the last man to own it left it to his daughter, Kate Hanna. She was a sportswoman and started building on to and expanding the house. The house started out as a log house, a little bigger than the middle class homes of the era (see yesterday's log home picture). Her daughter, Elizabeth, nicknamed Pansy, became a renowned jockey (raced in Ireland) and hunter. It was either Kate or Pansy who had the second story to the building put up.

The hired help stayed in the building where the laundry was done, but it was by no means a sweat house. They nicknamed it the Waldorf and the name stuck.

Someone in the family raised jersey cows and even they lived in luxury. I wonder if they knew how good they had it! The horses stayed in better stalls than I ever saw before and the dogs were well cared for, also. Next to the nurse's station was the dog hospital.

Thanks to Pansy, who bequeathed the property to the Pebble Hill Foundation, we are able to see what a plantation in this area was like. There are many others between here and northwestern Florida that are still lived in by the families who have owned and worked the land for many generations.

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