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I left Dublin and my awesome "new" friends there behind. I picked my Mother's birthday for my departure date because I miss her and it seemed like an auspicious day to finally go to Asia. I was freezing my ass in Ireland because I'm not used to the cold anymore. I like it that way because it means I'm giving to myself what I told myself I would - mountains, warm climates, beaches and inspiring new places. I'm a little worried that I may never be able to give up this life of seeing the world. I'm addicted to the thrill of new places, amazing new people and vast insights about myself and this planet we live on.

I went through Bahrain to get here. It was a long flight but I'm excited to look at the new map here on this site which shows a journey that will one day be completely around the planet. It's true that Life is short, Love is real and Beauty is indeed everywhere.

Bangkok is an extremely exciting city. The weather is hot and there are temples all over. I saw a golden Buddha yesterday that must have been 20 stories tall !! My first meal here was a dish of the best Pad Thai I've ever had, a spring roll and a skewer of grilled chicken. All for about $1.18 USD !!!

Tomorrow I leave for Northern Thailand to Chaing Mai. I will be taking a trip into the jungle to stay with the hill-people of that region. After that I go south to the Gulf Of Thailand to relax on the beach and re-gain my tan.

More Later----

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