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I got my mail today and was pleasantly surprised with a hefty check from Blue ox!

Back on May 8, the supplemental brake system went bad and put the brakes on the car while I was traveling about 60 miles an hour, not once, but twice! The company vowed to replace the unit at the end of the month. I did get it replaced while I was in Phoenix, but I also reported to the company that my car's brakes were bad and they had just been replaced a week before the system malfunctioned. They made note of it, gave me a claim number, and would test the unit when it got to them.

I called them back towards the end of June to find out what's going on. They said they couldn't reproduce the problem, but if I wanted to get the brakes fixed and submit a claim, they would put that with the paperwork already in my files and get back to me when they made a determination.

While in Oregon with transmission problems, I had the service center give me an estimate - I need new brake pads and rotors and the cost was almost twice as much as what I paid in Texas! They assured me that the current condition is not unsafe and the brakes will last until I get into a state that doesn't have such high labor costs.

I planned to get the brakes fixed while visiting family in Indiana, but after I decided to go back to my hometown, I changed my mind and had my old mechanic do the job.

So, in October, I sent in a formal claim - letter of explanation, costs of brakes before and after the incident with the supplemental brake system, and the receipt from when the problem was first reported in Texas.

Well, today I received a check that reimbursed me for the labor charged in Texas and the brake job done for me in NY! Wow - that proved to me that it is worth the work and effort needed to plead my case when I feel I am owed something from a company.

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