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view from my bike ride into abel tasmin NP nr Riwaka

beach at Marahau


beach i kayaked to pee stop!


me and my sea kayak at beach we stopped for lunch





the view from a hill i climbed when we stopped for luuch...



Malborough sounds on way to picton

Chloe and i

chloe and leo ( whos full name is Leo Danny Lyons i...

jazz , brendan ( the leaders) and i

malborough sounds from ferry to wellington

So my last few days in New Zealand. Spent a few days at Punakaiki where the rather unimpressive pancake rocks were apparently they have fantastic blow holes but I can assure you there was no blowing when I was there. Chloe and I went kayaking up a river gorge which was stunning lots of native New Zealand bush lining the banks and crystal clear water. (Chloe has been an absolute life saver since Dave left she got on in Queenstown and is a criminal barrister from Leeds with a coronation street obsession true to her Blackpool routes and accent to match all in all a lovely fun person to hang out with and a total life saver from the barmy army couple and their posse So we kayak up stream which was very hard work often having to wade round the big rapids pulling our boats. At the top rapid chloes kayak gets stuck between two rocks rolls over and fills with water causing a dam effect of the river and trapping chloes legs between the kayak and the rock. I manage to get her out but the kayak was still firmly wedged Chloe just looks at me and says what are we going to do now. I am thinking yeh what are we going to do now but reply "what we are not going to do is panic" in my best doctors authoritative voice. She stops panicing and we set to work freeing the kayak with me leading operations even though I am not really sure what to do I just want to make sure neither of us get trapped again and if the boat is stuck well its not going to go anywhere and I was kayaking a 2 man canoe so we could get help no worries. Eventually we free the kayak and empty her of water but by then we had both had enough of going up stream and head off riding the rapids down stream which was fab fun and I had a swim in the icy water just because there were no crocs in it!!!

The next day we headed into Abel tasmin NP I did a spectacular cycle over the mountains to the sea. We went for a full day sea kayak which was stunning but our kayak was made of lead and the wind was really strong so by the end of the 6hr trip we were ready to go home. We drove through queen charlottes drive from Nelson to Picton to get the ferry to welly with fabulous views of the sounds.

I am now staying with my friend Tam in welly for 2 nights its lovely to see someone I know and find out the where the local hang out. So much to catch up on so little time and I fly to Chile tomorrow only 6 weeks before I am home cant believe it is going so fast don't want it to be over.

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