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I didn't take my camera on this bike ride because it was an impromptu one and I didn't expect to see anything out of the ordinary, anyway. I went with Mary, a friend I made here last winter. We stopped to watch a very green iguana after it had run across the road in front of us. We think they have chameleon qualities and change color to blend in with their surroundings. At least we thought the head area turned a bit brownish.

Then Mary pointed out a mahogany tree and explained how its cone/nut/fruit unfurls and exposes the seeds inside. Someone at the camp had collected them in past years, nailed the ends of the 5 outer sections, and sprayed clear silicone or something on it as it unfurled. It ended up looking like a light brown rose. I took one to watch and marvel at. I don't think I will try to make a rose out of it until I understand how it works and looks.

It was neat to learn something about nature today!

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