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Dino Footrpints at Quting - 180 million years old - Ho Hum!

On the Drive from Qacha's Nek

Well maybe not Giants. These guys probably were midget dinosaurs, but just off the side of the road in Quthing, were several sets of well preserved dinosaur footprints. I think I had been hoping for some T-rex prints, but it was still interesting to imagine that on some rainy Thursday eons and eons ago, some lizards scampered through some mud and somehow their footprints were preserved for millenia.

The drive from "the Neck" as I have come to refer to it to Quthing was simply breathtaking. The country is very mountainous but rather than being "uplift" mountains like the Tetons, Lesothos mountains are basically remnants left behind by wind and water erosion - millions and millions of years of erosion.

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