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We ended our flight at noon in Fairbanks, Alaska today, and were greeted by several friends and family members (which always feels good). We chatted away about the trip while locating all seventeen of our bags on the baggage-claim conveyor belt. Then we all exchanged hugs and goodbyes, and braved the chilly walk from the airport terminal to our vehicles. It was quite a shock to once again feel the crisp temperature of zero-degrees and the crunch of snow under our shoes (still sandals with or without socks for most of us). After all, when we began our journey today, the weather was a bright, sunny, 90-degree day, and the landscape was green and dotted with flowers.

It felt odd to split-up and go our separate ways after 25 days of being together round-the-clock. However, I know that we will keep in touch, as we have all bonded a great friendship through our experience together.

And there you have it! We hope that you have enjoyed the journey along with us, and we encourage you to make a mission-trip of your own sometime, as a God-adventure is the BEST kind of adventure! Also, check-out our persional testimonies of their trip!


The Alaska Team 2006

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