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Mary, Romeo, Lorraine, James

Betty, Harold, Mary, Romeo, Bonnie

Romeo filling up

On Christmas Eve, I went over to Gette and Rosemary's house for their Christmas Open House Party and forgot my camera!!! It was great fun, though, and included small children, middle aged cronies, and Gette's Greek American grandmother. There was a great variety of food from veggie platters to honey-baked ham and turkey slices to black beans and rice to moussaka! Then for dessert there was baklava, round delectable powdered sugar cookies, flan, and cheese turnovers. So much food, conversation, and playtime with kids!

On Christmas morning, I touched bases with most of my family on the phone. That was fun too. At 4:30 I went to a neighboring pod and had Christmas dinner with fellow campers, most of which I knew but some others I just met. There was also much food at the table, including ham, turkey, stuffing, cheese potatoes, sweet potato souffle, carrots, apple pie, pumpkin pie, brownies, and birthday cake!

Let me tell you about a few of the people I know from the party - Romeo and Lorraine were my neighbors at the beginning of last year and are from Montreal. They gave me some tips and told me about Passport America, the company that allows me to camp for half price at participating campgrounds all across America. Harold and Mary hosted the party today. They fly balloons and are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and South Dakota - they followed my journal all year and Mary was concerned during the first period of time when I couldn't update the website regularly. Bonnie and Dale told me about the place in Sioux Falls where I went to become a resident of South Dakota - they are the proud parents of Jethro and Elly Mae, miniature dachsunds.

While this Christmas was celebrated differently from regular tradition, I am happy for the ability to make contact with my family and the opportunity to socialize with people who also live and travel in their RVs.

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