Ginny's Adventures 2006 travel blog

Tree where Jeanne and her brother David posed for me last year

The brightest sculpture lights up a sprawling banyan tree

don't they look like birds poking up out of the bushes?

magestic clear glass works, too

99 red lufft balloons

worms dancing out of an apple?

Psychedelic green house effect!

Hot lips

Laurie & Jeanne

Spooky red thorns amongst the cacti

Here's quite the butterfly for my collection!

Glass-topped boat!

a lollipop?

Or a tangle of worms?

reminds me of Hawaiian dancers!

You may remember that I saw lots of glass sculptures in this park last winter, but we never got the chance to go back and see them at night. So, this year I treated Jeanne and Laurie for their birthdays and upcoming 10th anniversary and we all went and enjoyed. Laurie has a much better camera and lenses than my digital, but I hope you can enjoy the few of the better ones that I took, posted here.

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