The Bryning family RTW in 2006/2007 travel blog

Budda at the Golden Triangle with Mr and Mrs Chan

Lonf tail boat trip to Laos

Up the steps to Laos



Breakfast, travelschool and the desperate discovery that Ella left her Nintendo DS light at the street restaurant last night. Not much chance of getting it back then ! She is devastated. We decide, on the offchance, that we will plan to call in on the street vendor when she sets up her stall in the evening. In the meantime, we drove west to the Golden Triangle, which is where the borders of Burma,Laos and Thailand all meet. It's just a tourist zone now but was once a den of drug barons trading opium across the borders. We took a long tail boat to "look" at Myanmar and "got off" in Laos and then long tailed it back real quick !

In case you are wondering, we called in at the street vendor and she immediately held out Ella's Nintendo for us. There cannot be many places where you would find such honestly....

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