Ginny's Adventures 2006 travel blog

Kay & Mary line dancing

We don't all wear jeans & t-shirts!

Lorraine & Nancy are seated, Jim, Dale, Romeo in back of girls

Jane & husband & others I met this year

Kay & Les swing to a slow tune

Bonnie & Sonya show their steps

Mary deserves to have a good time - give me a high...

Girls have to dance with the balloons!??

After a full day of action, I still couldn't take a nap before the evening's festivities. Oh well, the life of a retiree allows me to stay up as long as I want and sleep in if I want to, so let life come at me - I'm ready! :-)

In only 5 days, the organizers in the campground came up with decorations and entertainment for a party where people didn't have to drive home, just hold each other up and stagger home, if that's what's needed! Actually, it was amazing that quite a few people stayed up past midnight to see in the New Year!

People were asked to bring finger foods to share, the beverage of choice for themselves., and a chair. It was a good turnout and the weather was nice and warm with a near full moon to light the park! There were informal fireworks in almost every direction, too!

I had fun, but one typical thing happened - a single guy named Jim hit on me. He was captured in one of my pictures (unbeknownst to me) before he came up to me and introduced himself. He kept track of where I was and when I left, called out to me to remind me that I didn't tell him which campsite I am staying at. He wanted to take me out to lunch and I flat out said no thank you and said that I spent many days away from camp with local friends. I had been told that he invited himself to neighboring campsites with no shirt on and visited for awhile. Find him in the pictures and then imagine him getting close to you with no shirt on! I had heard about him beforehand and someone kidded me that I should ask him to go with me to Alaska to help pay the way! HA!

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