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Ooh it's a dolphin!

Hostel at Kaikoura



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A very quiet seaside town on the East coast of South Island. Apparently an ideal place to go swimming with dolphins. Oh go on then.

The boat took us to an area about 40 minutes off the Pacific coast where a pod of around 60-80 dusky dolphins had been sighted earlier in the day. These are totally wild dolphins, so the success of the trip is dependent on their willingness to come over and play. So at a depth of about 300 metres and the sea temperature at 12 degrees we jumped off the back of the boat and swam around with snorkeling gear making like dolphins to attract them towards us. And it worked. 4 separate swims (they get bored after about 10 minutes and swim away so we have to get back on the boat and get closer to do it all again) and quite an experience. As I had no waterproof camera the only footage is from up on the deck. Unforgettable.

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