2006: North to Alaska! travel blog

Birch Lake FamCamp. Nice and quiet but don't drink the water!

Official end of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction.

A "pig". They send them through the pipeline to clean it.

Pipeline crossing over the Yukon River.

Swallow nests in a very, very safe place under the pipeline.

Birch Lake is a recreational campground run by Eielson AFB just off the highway. When we pulled in, the place was practically deserted - just a couple of guys sitting at a table drinking beer. They did point out where I was supposed to go to register and gave the excellent advice that it would be a really B-A-D idea to take the motorhome down the hill to the boat house area.

The registration was a cluster-****. I finally got someone to take our money and only as I was leaving did the little chippie behind the desk inform me that the water supply was contaminated with alpha radiation. Nice. Other than that, it was an ok place to spend the night.

On our way to Birch Lake we went through Delta Junction, whose main claim to fame is that it is the official end of the Alaska Highway. We spent a couple of minutes at the visitor center, took a couple of pictures and moved on up the highway.

At this point, we should say that despite the horror stories we got prior to leaving, the Alcan was been a piece of cake. As we left before the summer crowds, there really wasn't any traffic. The condition of the road was much better than we were led to believe with only a few 'bad' sections. Most of the frost heaves were well marked and if you slow down they really are nothing to worry about. Occassionally, we had to drive sections that had annoying expansion joints or potholes or where the pavement was missing and there was just gravel or dirt, but all in all, not bad at all considering where the location and terrain through which the highway exists. Of course, as we spent most of the time driving in rainy conditions, the motorhome and Jeep were now brown and gritty rather than white and smooth to the touch. Sigh, we will definitely be waxing fools next fall.

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