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This is our home at the Texan Mobile Park in McAllen, TX.

Giant cactus in Santa Anna Wildlife Preserve

Our own orange tree!

Rio Grande River at Santa Anna Wildlife Preserve

Lighthouse in Port Isabell near South Padre Island

Beautiful Parrot

Freighter at South Padre Island

Cactus blooms

Yucca plant near South Padre Island

The next week or so was spent touring the area and, more or less, getting used to our surroundings. Our good friends, and next door neighbors, Bob & Reba Lewis were our tour guides. They took us around to some of the other RV parks, and there are a lot of them.

One day, we went to Progresso, Mexico. This was quite an experience for us. Just about every other store there is either a pharmacy or a dentist's office. There are vendor stands all along the streets and they all, of course, are competing for the American dollar. It's kinda fun haggling for lower prices, and they will come down. We spent almost a whole day there.

Another fellow Excel owner spends their winters in Port Isabel, Texas. This is across the bay from South Padre Island. By the way, Charlie & Jean Luttrell are residents of Centralia, just up Hwy 22 from Mexico, MO. So, we spent another day touring Port Isabel and the South Padre Island areas. The island is beautiful, but it is also very commercial. They took us to a wildlife preseve just north of Port Isabel. While there, we saw a couple of Green Jays. They look like Blue Jays, but their body is a beautiful green and they have a brightly colored head. I will try to get some pics of them posted.

Life as a Winter Texan is a rough one. The people living in the Texan Mobile Park hail from all over the USA and Canada. Most are from the midwest states however and they all are wonderful people. The largest percentage live in either mobile homes or park models. Although many, like us, bring their homes with them. Not everyone though is a fulltimer. There is always something to do. From potlucks every Monday eve, pancake dinners, bean soup and spaghetti dinners, to bingo, shuffle board, card games and the swimming pool, there is never a dull moment.

Oh, my tummy's full and I need a rest! Come on back for more.....

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