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Remember the problem we had with the truck before we started our trip to Alaska? Well, all through Canada and Alaska and back, we didn't have a speck of trouble. When we got down here to the Valley, we started to notice the truck intermittantly miss out and occasionally stall, mostly when we would slow down for a stop light. It didn't do it very often, but it definitely was annoying, mileage had also dropped way down.

Since it is still in warranty, we took it to a Ford dealer in McAllen to see if they could figure out was causing the problem, Well, they drove it around and, of course, they couldn't get it to do it! They said that there were reports of bad fuel here in the Valley and that may be causing the problem. The service advisor said to drive it a few more days and it if happens again, bring it back. Well on the way back to the park it stalled again!

A few days later, we took it back. They drove it again and, you guessed it, nothing! (Don't they believe us). We scheduled a day to bring it back for service. To make a long story short, after two days and $1600 worth of warranty and non-warranty work later($1100 out of pocket) they said the problem was fixed. They had changed the fuel pump and filter, dropped the fuel tank and changed the fuel sending unit and the filters, added an inline filter and cleaned and serviced the injectors. They said the filters in the sending unit were clogged so bad that they were surprised it ran at all!

After paying the bill, we went to Walmart to fill up. I wanted to check the mileage after all the work to see if it got any better. As soon as we pulled away from the pump and onto the road to head back home, you guessed it, the truck missed out! My heart almost hit the floor board! We haven't given up yet though, more on this later....

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