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Fred & Vicki, geocachers with gusto!

The cache is over there somewhere!

This one is on a college campus.

The planes are overhead!

Four geocachers just having fun!

Vicki, did you hide one in there?

Now, on the lighter side. Some of you at AMC probably remember me talking about Geocaching. If not and for eveyone else, here's some history. Geocaching is a high tech version of hide-&-seek or treasure hunting. It's hiking with a goal. Geocachers seek out hidden trasures using GPS corrdinates that are posted on the Internet by those hiding the cache. This information is posted on the website Once found, most caches provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. When a cacher finds the box they can take something out of it, but they also are urged to leave somethings for trade. There's also a log book to sign. The biggest reward is the trill of the hunt and the discovery of places that they probably would have never seen. Millions of caches are hidden all over the world. There are probably some within a few miles of your home! Geocaching is a great family activity, and just ask Janet, it can be very addictive. Go to the website and you can get much more information about a truly fun game that everyone can play.

We dabbled in Geocaching in 2004 while I was still working at AMC. We even hid a cache in Mexico, MO. We kinda got away from it though, that is until we got down here to the Rio Grande Valley. We met a couple who live in the same park where we are. You talk about avid Geocachers! Fred & Vicky were introduced to the game last fall (2006). Since then they haven't stopped. They go caching almost everyday! They have hidden several caches in the area and plan to hide more. They invited us along a couple of times and we had a blast! So needless to say, we have kinda gotten back into it. Once when we were looking for a cache, I thought I had found it, but what I did find was a 'stash'! The little bag was full of 'wacky weed'! Well, Fred grabbed it and you know what, I haven't seen it since! Now Fred, just what happened to my little 'stash'?

The Valley is a Geocachers Paradise, with hundreds of hides within a few hours drive.

Well, gotta go caching, be back later.....

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