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We all enjoyed breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and had a choice of either western (eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, milk, etc.) or Asian style (rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, morning glory, etc.). Breakfast was followed by a team devotional in Terry & Jocelyn's room. Plans for the day were announced to visit a nearby Hostel (boarding school) for children, so we hustled to sort-out the teaching and game items we would need, devise a schedule of events, and headed for the lobby to await the arrival of the Partner's staff. Then we loaded the trucks, and hopped in for our newest adventure.

After about an hour's drive, we turned onto a dirt road which led us to small village of bamboo and plank-board homes. We were met by Pastor Peacefully, and we followed him to the school building. The structure was built with a cemet floor and concrete block sides with a generous gap between the roof and the top of the walls for ventilation. We soon became very thankful for shade as the temperatures rose with the sun.

There were about 50 or so Karen students of various ages seated in rows at skinny wooden tables. We removed our shoes, as is proper etiquete, and entered the school. We spoke our good-morning hello in their Karen language (Wray La Gee), and they greeted us the same in unison with cheery smiles. We were seated at the front of the room next to a large chalk board, and the pastor, who spoke perfect English, told us about his school and the students. Then it was our turn.

We began our program with individual team introductions, using an inflatable globe and colorful placemat photos of Alaska to tell them a little about our home. Pastor Peacefully kindly translated for us, and there were lots of oooohs and ahhhh's concerning our cold temperatures and the wild animals. Next, we sang some songs, and performed some puppet and drama skits of Bible stories. Then we passed out some crafts of coloring puzzles (blank puzzles to draw and color) with crayons and some snacks of juice, fruit, and cookies. After a time of crafts, they sang us a couple of songs, and even wrote the words on the chalkboard to help us learn one. They sing very well and with such gusto, that we quite awed. For the last part of our program, we dismissed everyone to the large playground to play some games, which was a somewhat rough soccer field with a few grazing goats. We brought out a giant beach ball, and began to work on blowing it up (as we had forgotten the pump). Suddenly a young boy surprised us by running off with the ball, and we hoped he would bring it back to share. In the mean time, we decided to continue with the next game, and proceeded to distribute several beach balls in a variety of sizes for the students to blow-up. When that was done, all the students carried the balls to the center of the field as the team unfolded a large colorful parachute. A cheer went up among the students, and we had lots of fun showing them different games with the balls and the parachute. Before long, we noticed the the giant beach ball, now fully inflated, running onto the field with small legs. It was quite a comical sight! The young boy proudly presented the ball to our team, and we thanked him for his help. We then began a large crowd game of volleyball with the giant beach ball. It was all over way too soon, and time for us to leave. We shook lots of hands, received hugs, and snapped photos to go with our fond memories of this place! We all agreed that today was the funnest work we have ever done!

Then it was off to the hotel to enjoy the pool in the 90-degree sunshine(a rare treat for any Alaskan)!

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