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The hunchback of abel tasman track

lunch spot

suspension bridge

beach along the track

Torrent Bay

Torrent Bay

Torrent Bay

Leaving Torrent Bay

cove off the track

Cynthia with her packs

Bark Bay

Matt with his pack

This morning we woke very early (just before 6am) because we had to walk around a tidal crossing. With the tidal crossings we had two choices: wait for the bay to be at low tide so that the bay (torrent bay) was low enough to cross OR walk around it. As low tide was not until 2pm and you can only cross 2 hours either side of low tide, we decided to walk around rather than wait until noon. BIG mistake. For one thing, our shoulders absolutely ached from the previous day's measly haul of a couple hours. And, the walk around was quite steep (which we were not aware of, all uphill) so that what should have taken us 2 hours took 4 hours. We trudged through and by the time we reached the other side of the crossing around noon we were simply exhausted. But the fun had just begun because we still had 3 solid hours walking ahead of us. So, if we had lain on the beach until noon and crossed (the crossing takes less than 10 minutes) we would just be starting our walk completely fresh instead of dead tired. Oh well. Torrent Bay was absolutely beautiful but we could not stop to enjoy so I quickly snapped off a few pics and we were on our way. We had already stopped for lunch at a bridge crossing so we were at least a little rested. The next three hours would not have been too hard if we weren't already so tired but we made the best of it. This piece of the walk was mostly inland and, thankfully, mostly shaded. We arrived at Bark Bay around 3pm and I dropped my pack and headed straight for the beach with my "new" Agatha Christie (They Came to Baghdad for you readers, excellent read). Eventually made my way back to the hut and was absolutely ecstatic to find that there was an outdoor cold shower. Absolutely ecstatic..... until I stuck my big toe under the tap. It was soooo COLD. Matt and I decided it would be most wise to take our showers early so that we could warm up in the sun for a few hours before the chilly night air set in. Luckily, most of the overnighters had not arrived yet so there weren't many people milling about when we stripped down and danced around in the shower, screaming and laughing, trying to stand under the water but gasping every time we touched it. We were so happy to have our thermies (thermal silk underwear) with us to layer under our clothes afterwards. Bark Bay Hut was quite nice, it was larger than our previous hut and had a hot gas stove for heating which Matt engaged right away. By 6pm we were snuggled into warm clothes and Matt made instant cheesy mashed potatoes for dinner (they were so delicious). It was a different crowd tonight; our group from the previous night were headed in the opposite direction. With not much else to do and no inclination to do it anyway, we were in bed by 7pm.

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