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Arrived in the amazingly modern city of Kuala Lumpur as darkness fell...Matt and I couldn't believe the incredible skyscrapers and advanced technology here. KL is far and away the most modern city we've been to our whole trip, and we both decided that it is more advanced than cities back home.

Spent our first night down in Chinatown, at a little hostel next to the Reggae Bar. The streets of Chinatown are a huge outdoor market at night, selling everything from DVDs to bags to shoes at dirt cheap prices...Next day we met up with my friend Claire and her boyfriend Kerry, who I went to school with at UVIC. Such a small world, turns out that Claire's parents live in KL, and Claire and Kerry were stopped over there on their backpacking trip the same time as was so amazing of them to invite us to stay with them. Matt and I felt so good to be in a real house, for me it's been 7 months now, and just the idea of being able to leave our stuff in our room unlocked and to be able to walk into a kitchen and open a fridge was so exciting!

We spent our first day just enjoying hanging out and acting "normal"...aka watching movies and laying around the house. That night, we went out with some of Claire's friends from Malaysia to this sweet Lebanese food restaurant, with the best chicken schwarmas and shisha, this flavoured tobacco you smoke out of a hooka...after dinner, we went down to the trendy part of KL, which had the nicest lounges and bars...we haven't been to a classy bar in forever, and the bars in KL are even nicer than those in Vancouver...KL is a really rich city, and you can totally see it at nighttime, when all the beautiful people come out with their ferraris and designer clothes...then there's us scrubby backpackers, a little bit of a contrast!

Today we decided that we should check out the sites of KL, which most notably is the Petronas Towers, which are actually the tallest towers in the world. From far away, when we first drove in, we didn't think they looked really that tall, but standing at the bottom today it was nuts...we felt like ants in comparison. After that, we got lost on the bus trying to find some huge mall, but turned out that KL is a city of a thousand malls, and we ended up at some other gigantic one. We have never seen so many stores in our was actually overwhelming!

Thanks again to Claire and Kerry and her awesome parents for putting us up...staying in a real house was just what we needed to recharge before the last country of our journey...on to Bali tomorrow, where Bintang beer and waves await! Time to surf!!

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