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Yes! Even we get trapped in the tourist poses :)

Hey Mista!! You want rooster?? Cheap very cheap. I do discount for...

Now Michael, when i said how about a root i didn't mean...

Quality pet care...

Yes he did. For those of you that do not know, Thais do not believe in killing animals. Thus dogs are allowed to breed, eat, lay and defecate wherever, whenever and however they want.

This is Aruthaya, 86 Kilometres north west of Bangkok in Central Thailand.

After heading to the airport yesterday to offload some excess baggage, we jumped on the train to Aruthaya at the airport train station.

For the stingy price of 2.50 Kirst and I got to sample a fine form of asian transportation. We got standee (ie standing)class tickets and attempted to get on the train. After finally winning the scrum agaianst a pretty determined young thai couple, we got on only to find we were standing with our huge packs in passageway built for people with smaller genetic skeletalk codes than ours. I think the Thai lady in the seat moved out of pure fear of the weight of mypack landing on her when the train hit a bump. Lots of bumps for such a big train.

We nearly missed the stop and crossed the river on a little wooden boat that makes a dinghy look like the Queen Mary 2. This things was overloaded. Just when we thought we were full, she spun the ass around and loaded in more. Well imagine my fear with a brick shithouse strapped to my back in a filthy Thai river. mmmm loving it.

Got to our guest house an things have really looked up from there.

Great place, cheap food, cheap beer and nice showers.

Went for a walk, got lost, scared a dog, dog bit me, now shitting myself that I will get rabies.

Must go, more tommorrow.

Mick and Kirst

So anyway, this place is pretty cool once you get used to the Thai standard of living. To say it was below ours is like saying Matty Lower likes chicks. It's just not enough.

So, after the rabies saga had ended we have spent the last few days having a look around. We met a Malaysian girl at the tourist office and told her to tag around with us for the day. Then we all set off on our huge adventure visiting every wat (temple) the place has to offer. Saw some pretty magic things like a gold Buddha lying down inside a building and a great monument to the former Burma defeating king. Went up these huge steps (twice) and went inside the temple. Then we realised how far away from town we were and tried to get a tuk tuk. The wonderful thing about tuk tuk's is they are like everything else around here. If you don't want it they are up your ass continually and if you do then the bastards must be on smoko.

After running into a pack of dogs (think rabies) that were barking at us, we kindly accepted what I would like to think is my last ever tuk tuk ride. Imagine being on the back of a posties bike with a small shed on it and some seats. This things burns oil lie a XD Falcon 500 and the exhaust vents straight into our luxury cabin. It also travels at the speed of a disabled snail which makes it all the more harder to try not to die from CO poisoning. We are dying already.

The dutch couple in the next room have a child that they must beat. All we ever here is a sound like the dad has hit the deck and the kid starts to wail. I have had quieter furniture removals than these people. The Thai owner last night decided that 1 am was a great time to start the domestic of the century with his wife. They were absolutely screaming, then after about ten minutes he must have decided enough was enough and we heard a sound like a fist hitting skull and she got louder.

Ear plugs were not effective against this lady.

The dutch couple decided they would try out for the Thai version of the Block this morning at five and did a bit of hammering and moving.

They have two back packs, one must be full of Bunnings gear.

We went shopping today and are going again this afternoon. I got a couple of decent shirts and a genuine swiss tech watch all up for about $15 aust.

Great place to come and shop.

We braved the food hall and ate at a small eatery. We followed the guidebook and chose one with lots of locals. It was good foo and we walked away after paying $2 for two big meals and two drinks.

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