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Today we did a bit of laundry and for unknown reasons, related to us calling to come in the 2 days earlier than our original reservation, we had to semi-pack up and move sites. With the small size of the sites here, this move from site 13 to 26 was probably only 100 feet up the row or so! After all this, we headed up to Chugach State Park for some hiking and birding. We climbed steeply on the Williwaw Trail

for a mile or so then later did the Blueberry Loop Trail. We had nearly constant birdcalls as we hiked and at times the clouds that hid the mountaintops lifted enough to get spectacular views of Anchorage

and the coast. Birds found were Savannah, Golden-crowned, White-crowned

, Fox and Song Sparrows along with Solitaire, Hermit Thrush, Robin and Varied Thrush all from the Thrush Family. We had one American Pipit and one of the last birds we identified was a lifer for Marilyn--a Common Redpoll.

We set out looking for life birds of Rock and Willow Ptarmigan, but found a different lifer instead. Two Moose were identified grazing in the distance but the bear bell Dave wore kept all the Grizzlies away (although they probably snicker at the greenhorns who wear bells!) Marilyn also answered the nearly constant Varied Thrush calls with a recording and was rewarded with a Varied Thrush just 25 to 30 feet away for a great look

! The plan for tomorrow calls for a return (earlier in the day this time) to the same area in search for the elusive Ptarmigan.

We're trying a couple features of the mytripjournal program. The first is links to SOME of the pictures, and the second is a very short "movie clip." The movie clip is only a trial. We have several places we'll be visiting in July that we'll really want to include a movie clip

in our journal. We'd like feedback from everyone re: whether the clip worked or not (i.e. were you able to open it and view it). Thanks!

Happy Independence Day!

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