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Helen and Mary, mit regulatory slippers!

The vege patch - most of which we ate over xmas!!

Helen's pooch, Chloe

The house that they built!

Part of the gardens

Toby, the loudest purring cat in the southern hemisphere!

Mary on the sit on mower

The bulls and cows in the back paddock

Kia Ora!

Well, on xmas eve's eve, I met up with Helen and her friends for food and a couple of drinks at a work colleague's flat warming. V amusing. They had that singstar on and the peeps who had had a few too many were on there battling it out amongst themselves for who could hit the most bum notes!! T-hee! Oh, how I laughed.

Helen left early to go and surprise Dave, her new beau, in Hawera, and I left a lil later, finished packing and then drove up to meet them at Bulls - halfway between Hawera and Welly - the next morning.

When we got to Hawera, I was shown around the house, which is amazing. They live on Denby rd, which is part of the 'surf highway', just outside of the main town centre. They bought a plot of land and, basically, live out in the country side, with fantastic views of the sea and Mt Taranaki/Egmont (known by both maori and western names)

After lunch, we got on with getting the house ready for the gathering the next day. I was chief present wrapper, cos Mary, Helen's mum, has lots of grandkiddlies to but for, and hadn't found the time to finish the wrapping off. But i was in me element. (Bless, doesn't take much does it?!) I then got to have a go at mowing the lawns on the sit on mower. It was fab! I'd found a new toy! I gave myself whiplash at first cos the breaks were v sensitive, but maybe that was also due to the fact that i was driving in me slippers! I also apologise to Mary for the not so straight lines, more curves/circles on the lawn! Well, I thought it looked creative anyway!

Helen than gave me a brief tour of the town before we came back, had dinner, watched Shrek 2 - Joy! - and then finished off the baking! I think that we eventually hit the sack by 12.30 ish and I zzzzzz'd for england, ireland and scotland!!

Well, I'll catch up withcha in a bit!

Chaz x

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