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The Mums' sack race with a lil bit of cheatin' goin' on!

Oopsie daisies! Dave's cheatin' ways get him in the lead.

The kid's egg throwing comp, and they weren't hard boiled either!!

Playing a mini golf game that me and Anna designed

The mountain's got its hat on, that means it gonna rain!

Happy New Year!! Chillin' under the stars with a spot of bubbly....

Howdy folks!

Well, we spent the day getting ready for the night's festivities. i finally got my hair cut and coloured again, YAY!, which made me feel slightly more normal again! ;-) When I got back, we all got stuck into things. We tieded (that spelling doesn't look right, but it doesn't look right any other way I try either!!!! answers on a postcard too.......) up the house and the garden. Me and Anna mowed the lawns and devised a pitch and putt game between us. By the way, Anna is only four, but she's like my god daughter, Olivia, who's just turned Seven, but is going on Twenty-seven!!!! Spooky! Anyway, for some etrordianry reason, I was pooped! So i went at got a few zzzz's until everyone came.

Everyone started to turn up at around 5 o'clock ish, and then it went from there! In fact, I was witness to a kiwi phenomenom........the kiwi bbq! I felt very priviledged to have been included in this, as what happens is that the women all stay indoors, chatting, cooking and setting things up, whilst the men all stand outside, mit a beer, supporting the one guy whose actually cooking the bbq, but feeling very important never the less!!!

After dinner, we started on the games. All of which had a childrens, and an adults, round. We had sack races, spud n spoon races, egg throwing - in which I ended up with egg all up my arms from where it smashed! - touch rugby, which I observed, and a final attempt at cranium! We ended up giving up on Cranium, again, having desert, and watching Shrek 2 instead! I'm trottin, I'm trottin, I'm trottin in place, Yeah!

Eventually everyone went, leaving Me, Helen, Dave, Mary and Logan. Mary went to bed just before midnight, so the rest of us grabbed a glass of bubbly, and sat outside under the stars watching a huge lightening storm that was happening way, way out to sea, but it still lit up the whole sky. V amazing.

And that folks, was my new years eve. Doesn't sound like much, but I had so much fun, and there was no hassle of having to pay loads of money for the priviledge of being elbowed to death in some overrated club, with lots of people who I don't know! It was just pure, simple, unadulterated fun!

Adios for now amigos,

Chaz x

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