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Hi Guys,

Well things have progressed a bit smoother.

There is nothing like a public bus ride in Thailand. It reminds me of something out of Australia thirty years ago.

We hop on this brightly coloured contraption that looks like it was built for my grandfathers generation or was a left over from WWII

We jump on and for the princely sum of two aussie dollars, Kirst and I get three hours of entertainment and hypothermia. They do not close the bus doors in Thailand. They leave them open and this far north it is a bit cool in the morning. Mind you, the sweat starts rolling about 830 so the respite is short lived.

So we done our five dollar markey special t shirts and brave the wind belting through the door.

The conductor is nothing short of amazing. She gets people on and off the bus without hardly letting the things stop. People are packed in like sardines and don't seem to mind. There was even a guy hanging half way out of the door and she still hit him up for the fare.

The bus conductors also display a good knowledge of exactly where you intend to go.

As soon as we pulled into Suthanburi, yet another one bounded on, motioned for us to grab our packs and led us off to another bright bus with even more illegible writing and curious faces looking at us.

I think we hopped on the war vetereans bus.

One guy had one leg and the most basic crutch I had ever seen.

Another guy had half his foot lopped off and had tied his thong to his foot to keep it on. He also had what looked like a diabetic ulcer which had nothing but a splash of betadine.

Whilst practising how to ask for a room in Thai, this old guy thought my one word utterance meant I was fluent and launched into some intelligble diatrabe about life with a tied on thong (maybe, I don't know)

A monk got on the bus and the old guy yelled at me and told me to move over.

We got to our destination in one piece and the kind policeman at the bus station told us where we needed to go in impeccable english.

As I said last time, the fact that these people have learnt english is a god send.

We tried to book into where we wanted to stay but had to settle for a room a a place full of slimy western guys looking for Thai girls.

After seeing the cats in the kitchen of the restaurant, we went back to Apples and pestered them to provide us with a room for the following day.

We got our wish and stayed in one of the nicest places in Thailand.

More on Kanchanaburi next

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