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War Cemetary

Unfortunately one of many.

The famous bridge on the river Kwai.

World class chef in action.

Erwan Falls: Look Mum! Inflatable arms!

A few locals enjoying the falls.

Holy Fish batman!

Such a beautiful place.

Hellfire Pass.

No kids, their not kissing.

Kanchanaburi, North western Thailand.

This place is the westernmost major town in Thailand and home to the best fake merchandise IO have ever seen.

We settled into Apples, booked a Thai cooking class and meandered around Kanchanaburi for the afternoon. We went to the Allied war cemetery which is quite astonishingly beautiful.

It is a very moving place when you realise almost seven thousand men are buried there, victims of the Japanese desire to like Burma and Thailand by rail.

We did a Thai cooking class with one of the ownere of the place we are staying.

They serve the best food I have had so far. It costs us 9 dollars a day for accomodation and 10 a day for dinner.

The course was really good. For thirty dollars each we got taken to the market where alll the food was explaind to us.

We then went back to the restaurant and prepared for instruction with a lady who makes hitler look like a teddy bear.

It is participative learning. Ie she does, you scribble notes and then you do. My lovely assistant Kirsty and I ploughed through Pad Thai, Tom Yum. Tom Kha Khai, Masseman Curry, Chicken Green Curry and Peppered beef in about four jours, all the while getting tips and comments from the instructor.

Great stuff and we got about 15 dollars woth of free sauces at the end to take with us.

We went out to the bridge on the river kwai and got to hand feed a baby elephant and look at all the fake ivory.

The Thai guy got a bit confused when I yelled abad at him every time he said "ivory"

We met up with a swiss guy called flo who followed us around for three days.

I nicknamed him Casper or Kirstys shadow as he seemd to not ant ot leave her side the whole time. I don't know wether he was gay, love sick or missed his mum but he was pretty agreeable and good to talk to.We all went out, I got pissed and spent $25

We met up with an Irish couple as well and a guy I now call Canadian Dave because he was such a spin out.

We caught the bus out to Beautiful Erawan Falls. This place is amazing. It is seven tiers of a waterfall cascading down thorugh about 3 kilometres of tropical jungle.

We had agreat day there and met some Aussies whi had just donme an independant tour through Vietnam and Cambodia.

We met more swiss and I think they are wierd.

After a day out we sat around on the bus talking to everyone and had a good dinner with the two aussies we met and then went to the night market.

We took the bus out to Hellfire Pass today and it is truly something you need to experience to understand. The steepness of the terrain those guys worked, along with the humidity is just mind boggling. Add that to malnutrition and the treatment by the Japanese and you wonder how these guys survived. We are now off to Bangkok tommorrow. We left our washing across the road and they will have it ready in an hour for the princley sum of thirty cents. Not bad at all.

We are starting to really enjoy this place. Sorry if this is not as entertaining as the last. We are buggered.

We wish you all well and miss you guys.

Mick and Kirst

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