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Where General Custer Died

Monument to the Fallen Solders

The Devels Tower

Prairie Dog at Devels Tower


September 2, 2007

Filled our gas tank, (fed the beast) and hit the road, with our first stop being The Little Big Horn Battlefield, and Custer's National Cemetery in Southeast Montana, south of Billings. History books just can not replace the feeling of actually standing where this mighty battle took place, and the bravery of both the U.S. Calveryman and the incredible will of the Native Americans that fought to preserve their way of life. The battle took place on June 25, 1876. The pictures attached depict markers where soldiers and Indians fell and died. (There were an estimated 220 soldiers).The headstone with the flag is where they think General Custer was killed. The people are no longer in these graves. They were moved in 1881 and placed in a mass grave that is marked by the Memorial Monument in the picture above the grave markers. Custer's wife moved his body to West Point, New York.

We walked throught the National Cemetary where other people from the past, and those recently as well, are buried. Learned a lot from this experience, and made us both think a lot about the history of this great nation and the diverse people who share this great land.

Arrived in Sundance, Wyoming about six o'clock. Walked around the just about the entire city, which I think has about 1,500 people, max. A bunch of bars, lots of bikers over here from Sturges, a Subway and a Market, Post Office and Police Station. The Museum is really what we wanted to see, ya know, learn all about the Sundance Kid. But being a holiday weekend, it was closed. Will try and get to the museum on Tuesday morning before we leave for Rapid City.

September 3, 2007

Stayed over night at Mountain View RV Campground in Sundance. Very nice, clean, and well kept up. Several RVs from Oregon here, and lots from Washington. We drove up to Devils Tower National Monument, the first in the country. Awesome place. (See pictures attached). Hiked on a three mile trail first. Very hot day. I "Schvitzed". Then took a shorter hike, 1.3 miles around the base of the Monument. Saw people actually climbing the face of the mountain. Gotta hand it to these guys, they are soooo brave, or else soooo stupid. (We thought of climbing it for about a nano-second.This moutain is really something else - juts out from the land upwards towards the sky. A sight to see, for sure. Had a great day. Met people from the Pacific NW. Took a different route home and went through some small towns or cities, one actually had 50 people living there!

Arrived back home in time for a big wind storm to hit! Blew the motor home around. Skies got black, and there was lightening, but it never did rain. Met a really nice man from about 50 miles from here, and talked about how he and his wife have been traveling all over the country in their 23 ft. trailer for the last nine years! They have a townhouse that is their home base, but they have lived in every southern state for the winter months, he said.

Tomorrow we will try and see the museum in town, and then drive about 80 miles to Rapid City. The Badlands and surrounding area should be a new and fun experience for us. Will write again and takepictures.

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