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September 4,2007 Sundance,Wyoming

Up and getting ready to leave Sundance today for Rapid City, South Dakota. (oh, forgot to say that the slide in front still not working.)Before we leave though, we head into town to explore the Museum, that is open and chuck full of momentos from the past life on the prairie, and of cause, the Sundance Kid (who's name was really Harry Longabaugh). He was only like, 19 years old when he got busted for Grand Larceny - stole a horse, a saddle, and a revolver. Took them forever to catch him for that, and then he only served 18 months in jail. Didn't even get a record because by the time he was released, he wasn't even 21. So, things haven't changed much in the world it seems. He went on to rob banks, etc. Well, you-all know the story - Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid, died in Bolivia....

Arrived in Rapid City and Happy Holiday Motel and RV Park. Really a nice place, a little tight getting around, but hosts are very friendly and helpful.

Drove into the city to look around. GPS gets us to where we want to go about 90% of the time. The rest of the time I think she's on drugs....Went to Walmart to try and purchase a can of electric contact stuff for the slide, to see if it works. No luck. Then to automotive store, where we found it. Back to camp. A real scortcher of a day. We changed into our suites and headed for the swimming pool! Ahhh. Was Wonderful!!!

Met a couple from Ontario, Canada that had left home in October 2006 and have been mostly traveling around the U.S. since then. They gave us really valuable information concerning the journey through Canada and Alaska - the trip we plan on taking in May '08. They were very special and we got the address where they will be staying in Mission, Texas for the winter. We don't have plans to be in that part of Texas on the way home, but I would sure like to see them again. They made their life down there sound like so much fun!!!

Changed out of our wet clothes and headed up to Mt. Rushmore for the 8:00 evening cerimonies. Wow. The program presented by the rangers is really good, and very touching. Whether you are American or from another land, our country's history and our struggle for freedom and a better way of life for all, brought a tear to your eye. A place to remember forever, and we will.

September 5, 2007

Awoke early to another beautiful day in paridise. Headed out to the Badlands National Park (see pictures). Was kinda like landing on another planet. Castle-like formations and earth errupting from the ground; unrelenting heat, and constant wind and snow etc. in the winter. Had to be one tough hombre and hombress to stay alive in this part of the world. Although it looks totally lifeless, we learned through the wonderful movie we saw at the Visiters Center, how alive with animals and plants the land is. There are Bison, and many many prairie dogs, the swift fox that was just recently intoduced along with the black foot ferret that was almost extinct. Birds and flowers, and fossils galore! We took a short hike that was tough going up, but coming down was tretcherous! We were walking on loose dirt and rocks, and I had to slid down on my butt most of the way! We were REALLY hot and thirsty by the time we got back - schvitzing again - but it was fun and I am glad we did it! Hot water I guess is better then no water when you're thirsty I found!

Left the Badlands and drove to WALL, to the famous Wall Drug Store. For those of you who don't know anything about Wall Drug, they were first made famous by serving free ice water to the tourists. Now, they are known round the world for their ice cream and souvineers, etc. Very commercialized we thought, but we are enjoying every moment of our trip, and the experience was worth while.

Home again to a very hot RV. Turned on the air and it is sooo nice now. Tomorrow we are off to Custer State Park, and back to Mt. Rushmore to see it in the day and hike around. Day after that have to pack up and will land in Worthington, Minnesota. May not have Wi-fi for a while, and will probably be staying in the Wal-mart parking lot in Minnesota. So, look forward to hearing from you-all when you get a chance to write. Love you Kenny.

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