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Just wrote about the entire day, but silly me, I forgot to press "save", and hit a button and lost the whole darn thing! Live and learn.

Spent the day at Custer State Park. Drove the Wildlife Loop and enjoyed seeing Bison, Antelope, Deer, and the cutest burrows. They let you feed the burros because they belonged to a business near by and were domesticted. When the business closed the park took the burros. They are the only animals you are permitted to feed. The Ranger stopped by and gave me a cookie to give one, but it was chocolate chip, home made, and I had to eat most of it myself, Right?

The coyotes, bobcats, moutain lions were nowhere to be seen in the day. The Coyote is the the official animal of South Dakota. I love Coyotes. They have found and a way to survive in almost any environment, and I admire that.

We ate lunch in a beautiful, old hotel in the Park, where Presidents Coolidge and Eisenhour stayed frequently. Then we drove on to the City of Custer, population about 1,800. In contrast to yesterday and the day before, the weather changed from high 90's to cool and rainy. We headed up to Mt. Rushmore to take our traditional pictures at the entry of the park, because we didn't get them the other day when we went to the evening cerimonies. So, we waited in the pouring rain for over an hour, and finaly gaveup and went to Keystone, a very commercialized town just outside the park. We ate again, fudge, and then it stopped raining and we went back to Mt.Rushmore. We walked around the Memorial; met a Native Oregonian who recognized me as such due to the U of O sweatshirt I was wearing; a very nice Asian couple asked us to take their picture in front of the Monument, then we headed back to Rapid City.

Rapid City has half the population of Salem, but is HUGE. Spread out over miles of rolling hills. Nice place to visit, lots of sights to see in this ara. Lots of history. The countryside is lovely, but people live very isolated from eachother.

Tomorrow off to Minnesota! Can't believe we have been traveling a week already. We are really having fun. This being retired thing is THE BEST you guys! So may people our age around us. The kids are back in school and there are few to be seen, or heard for that matter, in our travels. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, and after a lifetime of working and raising families, etc. they are just delighted - as we are - to have this time to enjoy.

Will be in Central Time tomorrow, and in the Real Mid West.I can't wait. I love experiencing the changes in lifestyles from region to region as we travel. Minnesota, here we come!

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