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September 10, 2007

Hi you-all! Left Rapid City, and drove over 400 miles to Worthington, Minnesota. Lot's of corn, and more corn, and some soy beans. Could feel our first real change in temperature and humidity. Lots of flat land and farm houses. It was even kinda funny that our GPS lady's voice changed to a midwestern accent!Ya, Minn-es-SOTA!

Spent our very first night boondocking in Walmart in Worthington. It was fine, except they have these bright lights on all night. They keep you safe, but I will need those night blindfolds that Kathy gave me this year when she was my secret sister, if I am to keep staying at Walmart. It felt great to stay somewhere for free, and b e so self contained. Hope to stay in many more, and also learned that Cracker Barrell allows RVs to stay as well.

Headed out early in a.m. through Wisconsin, into Iowa, into Illinois and got our first glimpse of the Mississippi River. We tried taking back roads for most of our trip, but they were in such bac shape and bounced us around so much, it really made for a bitter sweet experience. I liked Iowa a lot, at least where it runs along the river. Rolling hills, and beautiful farms. What really blows my mind is the way people keep their property! OH MY GOSH. Absolutely spotless. Lawns are mowed; not even a leaf on the ground. And almost no litter on the highways in the midwest so far. No old cars and washing machines on the lawns...like in Oregon. But, Oregon is still the best place on earth as far as I am concerned...

Camped at Mississippi Palisades State Park, along the river, on Saturday night. Beautiful place. Lots of Skeeters in the midwest. Started using our bug juice when we went outside the RV. Next morning we left early and saw a beautiful red fox running down the road in front of us. It ran to the side of the road and glared at us, like what were we doing up so early on Sunday, and who's road is this anyway?

Got to Lima, Ohio on Sunday. Dick's home town. Changed some, but we got to talk to the man that owns his old house, and we are still seeing the old homestead. Ate a Kupee hamburger and Frosty Malt downtown, like in the good old days. Great stuff! Went out to the cemetary and found Dick's dad's gravesite. Went to his grandfather's house in Gomer, Ohio, and it is still there!!!!

Tomorrw we are taking Dick's aunt to lunch. We are at the library and they are closing, so I have to stop writing. Will write again when I can. We are leaving Wednesday for Niagra Falls. Love you all and thanks for writing. Barb and Dick

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