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He came to say goodbye! (but didn't like the bread I gave...

Our friend and constant companion in Carmelo - you'll see her a...

Looking for somewhere to eat on our own little beach - you...

Eating lunch with our friends


Lunch was tiring for her

Taking an after lunch stroll (and not being blown into the rio...

The busy, busy streets of Carmelo

And here's the bustling main square!

Boarding the boat to Tigre, Buenos Aires

On the train back to the centre of BA in search of...

Took the bus from Colonia to Carmelo this morning (saying goodbye to our doggy friend at the bus stop). The Uruguay we saw out of the window was lush and green and very much like the English countryside. We'd heard Carmelo described as 'sleepy', and they really weren't kidding, it was almost a ghost town. We did have constant company tho: we'd left one doggy friend in Colonia, but gained 5 more as soon as we got here - and one didn't leave us all day (she's the one in all the photos!). We left our bags at the ferry office, and spent a wet and windy day strolling along the beach (where we shared our lunch with our friends) and visiting the zoo (one otter, one llama, 5 peacocks, 3 flamingos, and a lot of goats, chickens and rabbits!). We caught an evening boat to Tigre (a suburb of BA, which really is HUGE), and then (because we couldn't find a hostel there), the train back to central BA (it took us a while to find a bed there too!). Tomorrow we're planning to head north in earnest and start looking for the sun!

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