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The very cute hostel dog...

... who's happy to put up with cuddles!

Inside one of the many beautiful churches

The stunning ceiling of another church

Cordoba by night

The view from the hostel's roof terrace

The other view from the same roof terrace

Lunch on the roof terrace (between Embassy phone calls!)

It was raining (again!!) when we arrived in Cordoba - and very early in the morning. We dumped our bags at a nice central hostel (with a very cute resident dog!), and then scuttled between some of the many beautiful churches here - including the oldest one in Argentina. They were all stunningly ornate inside, but not stunning enough to keep us sightseeing in the rain for long! We spent most of the day with other backpackers in the hostel, and then (when the rain had stopped!), went down to a local milonga (dance hall) called El Arrabel. We got there too late for the lesson, but watched for a while (about an hour and a half - we were a bit intimidated!!), and then finally joined in - and no-one pointed & laughed or asked us to leave, so we were very proud of our few tango steps! They were a bit suprised at us being there (everyone else was friends & went there every Monday night), but they were really friendly once we'd joined in.

We woke up the next day to sunshine (yay!!!), but also to finding that the hostel had lost Da's passport and money from their reception safe (they think they gave it to someone else!!) - not yay!! So... we had a fun day of visiting police stations, talking to the Embassy, etc. The hostel gave us back the money, but Da has to go back to Buenos Aires (again!!!) tonight to go to the Embassy 1st thing tomorrow for a new passport. I'm going to a very small, safe town a couple of hours away to wait (too expensive for us both to go back to BA).

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