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Hello! Haven't had internet since Ohio, and we have seen and experienced much since. Ohio was wonderful. Very pretty in Fall, with the cozy homesteads and roads that go on flat forever. Family time was great, and seeing where Dick grew up and learning about his history was heartwarming. Headed out through the midwest, and into parts of Pennsylvania, to New York, and Niagra Falls. Wow. Breathtaking! We went on the Maid of The Mist boat ride up to the Falls, and then Cave of The Winds, and go really wet! They gave us a blue plastic raincoat with a hood to wear on the boat, and a yellow one and free sandles too, for the walk up to the Falls. Took a whole night for our stuff to dry out. We have been blessed with wonderful weather - sunshine in the days, mostly. Just a little rain, hard rain, in the evening. We walked over the bridge from the US to Niagra, Canada. Got our first stamp on our Pass Port!!! That was exciting. I am really easy to please, right?

we loved that part of the country, but moved on to Lake George, NY. We took a boatride on the lake, and got to see what they call "Millionaire's Row". Mansions like Oregon for sure has never seen. These guys are RICH!!!! Some own whole islands on this lake. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Left and headed towards Lake Placid, New York. Last night it got about 37 degrees outside our RV site, and 47 inside. I am wearing my sweatshirts and sweaters now. I think we have seen the last of warm weather, at least in the evening, on the east coat. Barb, what's the weather like in Maine???

We are sitting outside the Library in Saranac Lake, New York, and across the street from the Saranac Hotel, a very old hotel, but very popular in these parts. Took a walk through town after we arrived at, get this, North Pole Campground in Wilmington. I guess it gets very cold there in the winter, and they sell a lot of Christmas stuff. Tomorrow we will explore Lake Placid and then drive up to the Au Sable Chasm. We will be close to the Canadian border, and will be able to see Lake Champlain. OH! Forgot to tell you! We have been driving up beside the HUDSON River! Haven't seen that old gal for a long time.

New York is absolutely beautiful. The Trees are turning colors, and the mountains are alive and glorious! Really enjoying ourselves.

Wednesday we head to Vermont, and maple syrup for everyone!

Pleae write and say hello. Loved hearing from those that have written. Hope you are all well.

Love, Barb and Dick

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