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Hostel La Cumbre (and Loli the dog chasing a stone!)

Tara & the hostel dogs (you can see she's not patting them!)

And this was her favourite, Loli

The plaza - and the beginning of our trek

Where we met our stream

That's where we're going!

Ok, I'm stuck! (& he's taking photos instead of helping me!!!)

We like this mountain!

Our lunch spot (pretty isn't it!)

Looking for a table!

Lunch with our little mascot!

Think he's getting a bit ambitious!

Going up!

... and up!

I'm the king of the castle!!

These birds (vultures?) made an incredible swooshing noise as they flew down...

We climbed all that way - only to find a path at...

We found a dam...

... but this one's bigger!!


The top! And that's where we came from (the town in the...

The path to the left behind Da is the path that went...

See, Benji, he's using it (or trying to!) - it did help...

We have to climb down there!!

We met a horse on our way home

The youngest of the 4 children - getting ready to ride her...

The two youngest children practicing their driving skills!

Da being attacked by 2 of the children

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 1.44 MB)

Isn't he agile!! (Mei lua de compasso on a tree stump)

Da arrived early this morning, and the sunshine stayed (yay!!!). Once he'd met the family and the dogs, we decided to go for a trek in the mountains. We followed the local stream up, and had a lovely day scrambling over rocks, trees and the stream to get to the dam at the top (we thought we'd reached it twice before we found the big one!). We were walking for around 5 hours, and climbed 5500 feet - and loved it! Coming back was a bit of an adventure - we thought we'd found an easier path home, but it ended abruptly in private property and we had to climb/slide down a very steep (Da says vertical!) bit of mountain side to get back to the stream. We spent the evening playing with the kids and dogs, and swapping stories with a French Backpacker who'd joined us at the hostel (after we'd tended our cuts and bruises - the thorns and rocks were vicious!).

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