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Hi! Haven't written for over a week because believe it or not it is very difficult to find Wi Fi in North East, at least so far. Since I wrote last in Saranac, New York, we have been to Lake Placid, NY where we went to the Olympic Stadium. The winter Olypics were held there in 1932 and 1980, and it is where the U.S. beat Russia 4-3 in Hockey. For we oldies who remember, that was a glorious day for our nation.

We headed up to Burlington, NY and then to Williamstown, Vermont. Vermont was exceptional, and I hated to leave. The trees were so incredible, they are hard to describe in words - Breathtaking, Glorious, Outstanding - but much more. New Hampshire is just as beautiful, and if it weren't for the five feet of snow in the winter, I would love to live up here.

We have been driving down scenic routes all over the states. We especially wanted to see a moose, which they warn you about all the time on signs along the highway. Like, ya gonna die if you hit one, so brake for them. Duh!So far, no moose. Since we have been eating for two days straight and just driving, we decided to take a hike today up the Appalachian Trail, in the Mountains. Last hike was in Vermont, and it was really a good one. Tommorrow we head to Maine and will stay in Bangor.Then, on to Bar Harbor on the coast, and the great Atlantic Ocean. Should prove to be an incredible experience and very different then the midwest, for sure. They grow a LOT of corn in this country!!!~!!! Also, these people out here mow every bit of their property, even if it is five acres!!!! Beautiful. Houses are from 1700's and 1800's. Love it.

We had to call in advance for reservations at RV parks in NY, Boston, and Washington. Good Thing cause we couldn't get into the park accross the river from Manhattan as planned. We are staying at Croton on the Hudson (River) instead, and it looks like it will be very pretty.

We finally found a cafe with internet, so we are paying our bills today on line. HOpe the internet situation gets better, as I am sure it will, as we head towrards the big cities. Will wite again when I can. Wish you could all see this beautiful country. Every state a jewel, Really.

Love, Barb and Dick

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