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Elks Club

Bugle Boy

Huge Bullwinkles

Dungeness Spit

Lighthouse is 5 miles out there

Beach adjacent to the spit

Thought that might get your attention.

At church we heard that the elk had arrived in the lower levels near town, so we had to go see them. And ... we visited a recreation area developed around a "spit" ... a term I hadn't known until recently ... other than the slang use of it. A spit is a narrow piece of sandbar above water that has developed over the years at the area of a shoal. The spit we visited is over 5 miles long ... jutting out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca north of Sequim (which is pronounced by the locals as "squim" ... like swim). Weather remained decent here today even though it has been raining heavily 50 miles west and 50 miles east of here.

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